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Alternative model (C-model) from 42042 LEGO® set.

The finished model and its functions are shown in the pictures and video.


motor operated:

- drive (forward, backward)

        Front axle is driven - equipped with a differential

- steering (rear axle) 

        Ackermann steering geometry

- lifting fork

- tilting mast


 - HOG steering (when gearbox is set to neutral for motorized steering)

- 1188 parts

- built only with the parts from the 42042 LEGO® set + 265cm string (not part of the 42042 LEGO set) 

- easily accessible battery pack (for battery replacement)

- all the parts from the LEGO® 42042 set with stickers according to the original A-model (crawler crane) are re-used for the forklift without altering the stickers.


The mast and forks are designed to go as high as possible (my design intention), not as fast as possible (not my design intention). 

Lifting of the fork is not very fast. However, the playing stability is good, but the mast is not strong enough to lift heavy objects! That was not my design goal. 

Please take this into consideration when playing and BEFORE obtaining the instructions! See the video.

The model was designed completely without the use of a computer. Only when it was finished did I make a 3D model for renders and instructions.






Contact me at ..

See the preview below. 

Also, you can check free instructions for another model for comparison.

What you get:

- computer-generated, step-by-step instructions

- equal to LEGO® quality step-by-step instructions with all the necessary details, additional pictures, arrows etc.

- bill of material (if you have the 42042 LEGO® set you should have all the necessary parts) + 265cm string (not part of the 42042 LEGO set) 

- functions explanation

- battery replacement sequence

all in a 324-page PDF file (hi-res generated from 3300pix x 2550pix @ 300dpi images)

(preview of instructions and bill of material is in the gallery)

There are no parts - instructions only!

Any questions, just ask. Thank you.

Terms and conditions - IMPORTANT:

By buying you agree to the following:

- You will receive the download link to your PayPal-registered email (no other email is allowed).

- If you do not receive the link, please check your spam folder, then contact me - I will send it again.

- I will do my best to send the link ASAP (usually within 24h), but in some cases please allow 48h to receive the download link. 

- The PDF file will be print-restricted and password-protected using your full name and PayPal registered address.

- The model itself, all photos, and instructions for this custom model are copyrighted. 

- You may not reproduce, copy, or distribute the model or the instructions. 

- This only gives you the right to use the instructions and/or creation for your own personal use. 

- You are not authorized to transmit, republish, copy or distribute for free or profit, this model creation or the instructions.

- As is, no returns.